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Shortle is a fantastic link shortener and a platform for statistics and sharing shortened links.

Shortle: Modern URL shortening

What is it?

We all deal with URLs every day. Many people share links with friends and family and want to know how many times a particular link has been viewed and by whom. This is where Shortle comes in - a modern URL shortener with advanced statistics! With Shortle, you'll never have to send or remember long URLs again! And that friend you sent that cute kitten video to won't be able to say they've seen it when they haven't, because you can easily check!

How does it work?

In order to generate your unique short link for the long URL you just pasted, you need to paste a long link, click "shorten link" and the link is created for you! As soon as you enter the short address into your browser, Shortle will automatically redirect you to the URL of the destination!

Advantages of using Shortle

  1. Link shortening service: This service allows you to transform a long, monotonous URL into one that is short, personalised and easy to remember.

  2. Ease of use: With a well-designed user interface, you will be able to access everything with just a few clicks!

  3. Built-in QR Code Generator: The QR code allows us to share content with more people, making it an excellent tool for marketing campaigns, promoting your business, and more.

  4. Security: You have the option of password-protecting your link, setting an expiration date, or setting a click-limit in order to be in control of the data that surrounds your link.

  5. Customise for you: By creating your own shortcuts, you can modify your link to describe its content in a way that is unique to you. Login is required to create a custom URL.

  6. Tracked links: The link statistics provide detailed insights into who has accessed your content, including their location and device type. This data is completely secure, with the creator only able to view generalized information like country and device, ensuring the tool cannot be misused against you.

Shortle Prioritizes Security and Compliance for a Trusted User Experience

At Shortle, we prioritize security and compliance to ensure a safe, trusted experience for our users. Here's what you should know:

Permitted Content: Shortle allows users to shorten links to various types of legitimate content, such as blogs, articles, product pages, promotional materials, social media posts, and other ethical web pages.

Prohibited Content: We strictly prohibit shortening links to adult content, illegal materials, phishing sites, or any other content that violates the law or ethical standards. Maintaining a safe, respectful online environment is a top priority.

Shortle is more than just a URL shortening service - it's a powerful tool designed to optimize and secure your online presence. Whether you need to simplify URLs, gain in-depth analytics, or ensure compliance, Shortle is the perfect solution for all your link management needs.

The exact rules and restrictions can be found here.